Welcome to Big PLANS for Little Kids!

We have your child's best interests at heart

Big PLANS for Little Kids is a non-profit organization that is fully funded by Alberta Education. We are able to access funding for children who are eligible to receive PUF (Program Unit Funding), MM (Mild-Moderate Funding) or ELL (English Language Learners) funding. We partner with preschools and private kindergartens to provide specialized services to children in such domains as speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and behavioural/psychological support. 

“PLANS” stands for “Parents Learning About Needs and Skills”. Members of each child’s team, work not only with the children and schools but also with the child’s family to provide their parents with the skills needed to help their child further develop their skills. Once our funded programs are complete, families and caregivers will be responsible for continuing with their child's growth and development.


What makes Big PLANS different?

Big PLANS is recognized as a “school” though we do not function as a typical school. For example, our “class-list” of children does NOT inhabit a classroom in a single “brick and mortar” facility. Instead, our “classroom” environments take place within various communities in Calgary and area. We are considered an Independent School because our vision is to provide enrichment services to children with mild-moderate (MM), severe (PUF) and English Language Learners (ELL) needs.  Our services can be layered on top of the preschool programming they receive where they are currently registered.

Our agency is funded for enrichment services, so all of the children are required to have an Individual Program Plan (IPP).  This Plan lays out the specific ‘enrichment’ activities that will be conducted with the child. These activities are written in the form of goals and strategies.

You will find that Big PLANS is designed differently than other early intervention agencies. The budgets we receive are designated to the specific needs of each child. Big PLANS does not use the funding for elaborate facilities with spacious offices, and we set our therapist rates based on best practice frequency of visitation research. We ensure that children receive direct therapy from Master's level Speech-Language Pathologists / Occupational Therapists rather than SLP or OT assistants. We visit families at their homes for meetings, rather than requiring them to come to our facility. We do not cluster groups of kids in a classroom for therapy; we provide one-on-one service to our children unless, of course, we are working on the child’s social experiences and group scenarios are in-fact best-practice.

Our philosophy is based on providing the most current intervention strategies available. We provide educational Professional Development opportunities to our Child Development Facilitators every month.  Our Child Development Facilitators are highly devoted to learning about your child and family’s needs as much as possible throughout the time we have together.

Our relationships with other professionals, Calgary based family agencies, Alberta Health Services, and our community transitional schools (such as the CBE, CCSD, and Rockyview) are incredibly strong. 

Big PLANS takes a great deal of pride in our services and the relationships we have with our families. We operate from the perspective of ‘serving families’ based on clearly demonstrated need vs. ‘drawing business’ from families.  It is our passion in life. We choose to deliver this service because it matters so much. Building resilience in kids is all that matters.