Your Early Learning Specialist and Professional Therapists are your “pathway” to resources. If it becomes evident, through therapy sessions or suggestions from team members at the beginning of the year that your child would benefit from certain resources, you may need to initiate a discussion with your Educational Coordinator about where, how and who could get these materials. This might include visual schedule pictures, left-handed scissors for practicing at home, stubby rock-crayons, a therapy ball or sit-cushion, etc. These materials will likely also be introduced into the preschool/kindergarten classroom and it is important for your child to experience his / her learning in consistent environments such that success is imminent! 

Some of the materials your child is required to use for their program may be purchased through the funding dollars available to Big PLANS; however, it is important NOT to make purchases expecting reimbursement by Big PLANS unless the process of approval has been sought through your Early Learning Specialist. Specific resources for children “may” be included in the child’s budget. Please request these resources by submitting an email request to the Financial Officer through your Early Learning Specialist.

Additionally, there are resources available at the Big PLANS office. These resources include Handwriting Without Tears materials, TalkBox (speech), weighted bags, exercise ball, specialized OT materials, reading materials, a laminator, BoardMaker, velcro, photocopier, fax machine, etc. Talk to your Early Learning Specialist about accessing these resources. 

Online Resources

  • Kimberly, a New Jersey licensed speech pathologist who is nationally certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) is a creative thinker and a passionate therapist, who believes that children and adults should have fun in therapy. Her blog is a fantastic resource full of practical activities, tips, and articles to help you promote your child's language development.

  • Children’s books focusing on language goals. Your Early Learning Specialist can access this document for you

  • TED Talks - How our education systems worldwide are squashing the creativity out of our kids:

  • The I Am Ready booklet is a brief and easy-to-understand compilation of the five developmental domains measured by the Early Development Instrument.  It also includes key resources that parents/caregivers need to be aware of, and in the local area versions, it includes indoor and outdoor opportunities to better support the early years in those five developmental domains. Visit for more information.

  • Sesame Street Autism Resources for Parent

  • Reduce the Noise: Help Loved Ones with Sensory Overload Enjoy Shopping   - a really good video from the National Autistic Society illustrating what this feels like for an autistic child suffering from overload.

  • Resources for Military Families - Support for military families with special needs family members is provided through the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP). Visit this link for more information.

  • Ask your therapists and Early Learning Specialists which websites they use for professional information and strategy ideas



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