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Five publications of our Big PLANS Newsletter occur throughout the year. The newsletter is loaded with information for parents, teachers and program participants. It will often describe programs within your communities that are either low-cost or free for participants. They provide opportunities for children and their families to participate in semi-structured programming together with other members of their community. The information also provides examples of activities that help promote the development of certain skills for children within your own home.

A new publication of the newsletter comes out every two months and is available below by clicking on the appropriate link. Please take the opportunity to enjoy the resources that are available to you through the Big PLANS newsletter.












Issue 34: May/June

I ssue 33: Jan/Feb


Issue 32: Nov/Dec

Issue 31: Sept/Oct


Issue 30: May/June

Issue 29: March/April

Issue 28: Jan/Feb



Issue 27: Nov/Dec

Issue 26: Sept/Oct

Issue 25: May/June

Issue 24: March/April

Issue 23: January/February



Issue 22: November/December

Issue 21: September/October

Issue 20: May/June

Issue 19: March/April

Issue 18: January/February



Issue 17: November/December

Holiday Strategies for Success Tip Sheet


Issue 16: September/October

Issue 15: May/June

Issue 14: March/April

Issue 13: January/February



Issue 12: November/December

Issue 11: September/October

Issue 10: May/June

Issue 9: March/April

Issue 8: January/February



Issue 7: November/December

Issue 6: September/October

Issue 5: May/June

Issue 4: March/April

Issue 3: January/February



Issue 2: November/December

Issue 1: September/October