What Is Early Intervention

Early intervention is a system of coordinated services that promote the child’s growth and development and supports families during the critical early years of development. 

There are three types of Early Intervention Programming: PUF, Mild-Moderate and ELL. All programs are funded by Alberta Education and therefore expected to be fully operational within the child’s educational setting. Programs are designed to support the child within their classroom environment, and modifications are made to ensure their early learning experiences are positive and successful. Programs are NOT therapy based; however, therapy time can be recommended based on the child’s specific needs. Therapy time is recommended based on formalized assessment scores, therapist and teacher recommendations, anecdotal reports as well as parent feedback. 

All three types of programming are tracked through an Individual Program Plan (IPP) put together by a certified teacher. The modifications made to a child’s programming as well as their progress and mastery of skills throughout the school year is recorded in this document. To be eligible to receive any funding, the child must consistently attend a preschool program that is approved by Alberta Licensing. Attendance records are monitored for every child receiving funding. 

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